A Few Things God Wants:

We often think about the things we want.  Our wants are as different as we are.  Few are exactly the same.  But with this thought in mind I started thinking today about the things I thought God may want.  This is what came to mind.

-He wants for you to have eternal life-His Son died so it would be so –John 3:16

-He wants for you to know His love-His sacrifice demonstrated it-Romans 8:5, Romans 5:8

-He wants for you to experience security with and in Him so He told us what to do to have it –keep our hearts and eyes focused on Him–Colossians 3:3

-He wants us to understand that He will give us strength and courage, that’s why He said so many times in His word “do not be afraid” or “be strong and courageous”-Joshua 1:6,7,9, Joshua 10:25

-He wants us to understand that we are never alone that’s why over and over He told us that He would always be with us and no one could ever take us away from Him-Hebrews 13:5b, John 10:28

-He wants us to understand who He is and so He gave us not only His written words but also the Holy Spirit so that we would hear His words-Romans 8:16, John 14:16

-He wants us  to rely on Him that’s why He gave us His Holy Spirit and said to trust in Him – John 15:26, John 14:1, Romans 9:33, 10:11

-He wants us to love Him and so He said how…with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength-Mark 12:30

Billy Graham once said basically that God doesn’t keep hidden from us the way to come to know Him.  It’s right in His Word.  We simply need to seek it out.

He gave us His word so that we could come to know Him, walk with HIm, live within His strength.  He gave us His Spirit so that we would always have a Teacher with us to interpret what we’ve read.  And He gave us HImself so that we could live in an intimate relationship with HIm.

When God made Adam and eventually Eve, it was so they could walk in companionship with God.  I don’t believe that has changed.  I believe as we read through God’s word we will see that from the very beginning God wanted us to walk with HIm, to love Him, to live fully and completely as His beloved, His children, His treasures.

That walk with God can be impacted by the choice we make to sin or to walk with HIm.  I believe with all my heart that what God wants is for us to choose to walk with Him.  He’s given me a choice.  What will that choice be today?

“Dear God, Today let me choose in every way to walk with You.  Let me be ever aware of what You want and of all You sacrificed for that want or desire to be reality in my life.  May I follow in Your ways and seek what You desire.”

My Choice






These are the places I need to be. God knows.  When life seems to get too…








I need time with the only One who can bring me to the truest place of peace and presence.

Everyone has something…something painful, something difficult, something stressful, something.

Sometimes the “somethings” seem to come gradually.  Sometimes the “somethings” seem to come at us like a stampede.  Sometimes the “somethings” are small and “handleable” and sometimes they seem enormous.  Sometimes we can see the answer to the “something” right away and sometimes it takes time.

Those “somethings” can try to steal our joy and our strength and our patience and our peace.  Thankfully none of those things are dependent on us or on the “somethings”.  Those things are a choice we make but they are always there and always available because God is always and they are directly from Him.

You know…that joy that isn’t giddy but it’s way deep inside and comes from knowing Who is the Source and Who is in control.  It is that strength that isn’t muscular or a character trait but it is a gift and is strongest in our weakness.  It is that patience that doesn’t make sense to anyone else but comes from having experienced His patience with us and from knowing His timing is not our own.  It’s that peace that we don’t even understand ourselves but comes in the midst of the storm…it’s there in the stillness but it comes fresh in the storm.  If we allow.  For it is a choice.

It is a  choice to keep my eyes on Him in the midst of the storm.  It is my choice to keep my eyes on Him in the middle of the crisis.  It is my choice to keep my eyes on Him when people around me are doing things that could impact me in a negative way.  It is my choice to keep my eyes on Him when the Dr. comes with yet  more bad news.  It is my choice to keep my eyes on Him when others will walk away.  It is my choice to keep my eyes on Him when the devil’s lies attack me.  It is my choice…

“Lord, today, let me keep my eyes on You.  Let me choose joy and strength and patience and peace.  Let me choose Your way each step of my day. Let me choose Your quiet stillness.”