God’s Family-God’s Glory

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with some people with “know how”. You know what I mean, the people that know the questions that should be asked and give you the answer before you know that’s the question you need to ask. These people are so much more knowledgeable than I when it comes to technical computer things. I sat in amazement as they did what was quite easy for them but a very challenging task for me.

Later a friend and I were having lunch and talking about the class we had just been a part of and the things that, especially I, had learned.

It became very apparent to once again that what we had experienced was the work of the body of Christ together. It truly was a beautiful thing.

When we each take what God has given us, whether you want to call it gifts or abilities or talents or strengths, or whatever, and use them to help and build up others in the body of Christ, then, we, as His body are operating in the exact way He designed us to operate.

That brings Him glory.

This dear sister who was helping everyone in the class was not having difficulty with the task at all. She was using her strengths and gifts to do what God gave her to do. That’s the body of Christ. That’s the blessing of being part of God’s family.

“Dear Father, Today may each of your children operate in the gifts and abilities You’ve given. May we each seek to build each other up as You intended.”

How about you? How have you been blessed by someone in God’s family using their gifts to help you or build you up?