Skipping Through Life

I’m a fairly visual person and as I was talking to God about some of the things He’s been showing me that need some work in my life I caught a glimpse of this little girl walking with her parent.  The little girl began skipping.

First ahead

Then beside

Then in circles beside, behind, beside, ahead

Beside, behind, beside, ahead-skipping almost in a circular path…staying close to the path then at times on the path then at other times off of the path.

The little girl was smiling and happy because her parent was close at hand.  She remained within reach of her “path partner” but skipping as many little girls do.

I smiled…at first…

Then I realized…

I was the little girl.  I had spent a pretty large quantity of time skipping happily around God.  Always just within reach…not far off the path and much time on the path…but oblivious to the fact that I was not continually on the path. 

He reminded me that I am still His little girl who He made to joyfully skip along but to skip along beside Him.

Never in front

Sometimes behind, usually when the path is narrow.  When I’m behind Him I can step into His foot prints and remain on path.

I am thankful today that my heavenly Father is patient to show me what I need to see when my heart is ready to see it and ready to be changed by Him.  I pray that I do not get caught up in the less important and miss the most important.  Skipping along with God is important.  Skipping in step with Him or behind Him is even more so.