The dictionary has several definitions for “hope”.  The ones I like are “confident desire” and “trust”.  There are many people who have hope in a lot of different things or for many different things.  One might hope that the weather is good for an outing.  Someone might hope that she does well on some type of test.  A person may hope that a certain plan goes off without a hitch.  Another individual might hope that they get time with a special friend.  A sports lover may hope that their team does well in a sporting event.

Other “hopes” are a  bit more serious in nature.  One person might hope his or her child comes home from fighting in a war or survives some type of battle here at home.  Someone might hope that they, or someone they love, get over an illness.  Another person might hope that their marriage will last or be restored.  An individual might hope that the bank doesn’t take their home when the bills have piled up too high.

But, hope in God and what He has done, is doing, and will do is different.  In reading God’s Word one can see all through it the absolute sovereignty of God.  There is not one time when God lost control, lost direction, lost hope, lost purpose, or lost His power. He does not and has not lost His way, lost His graciousness, lost His focus, or lost His mind.  He does not lose sight of His children nor His plans for them, in fact, that is a promise of the Old Testament.  He does not lose or loose His hold on those whom He loves and has in His hand.  He does not forget to take care of those who trust in Him.  He does not let go and He never will.

He’s got your back.  He’s out in front of you.  He’s walking beside you and at times carrying you.  He’s hovering over you.  He’s residing within you.  He will never let you go.  When there’s any doubt…remember who wants you to doubt and give the enemy a swift verbal kick in the proverbial tousch and send him packing.  This is done by saying the name of Jesus, quoting Bible verses…or reading them outloud, by listening to or singing praise music, and by putting on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6).

Hope in God is like no other.  There is reason to hope.  There is reason not to lose hope.  There is reason to hang on to hope because in doing so, you are hoping in, hanging on to, and trusting the One and only, the Almighty, the One who knows you best and loves you most.

Never lose HOPE.  Keep your hope exactly where it is meant to be.  On and in Elohim, Mighty God, Eternal Father, the One who saves.  The One who is always there for you.

“Today, dear, dear Sovereign, let my hope be in You.  Let my strength come from You.  Let my mind be only on You.  May my eyes be always on Your blessed face.”

Read Psalm 71:5, 14-16