“Chicken Little” Alive and Well?

scared chickenWe have such curious, busy imaginations.  Given the “right” set of circumstances, we can imagine any number of things happening.  This can be a good thing as we dream big.  It can also be a bad thing as we “nightmare” big.

We get worried over the things that “might” happen.  Maybe we are a little more like “Chicken Little” than we like to admit.

Worry is not something we should practice.  We have a trustworthy God.  We say we trust HIm.  We say we believe Him.  Then why do we spend time worrying over things  for which we have no control?  Why do we waste energy worrying over what “might” happen?  Yes, we’ve all had difficult things happen and we’ve seen other people deal with tough times but the question still remains, do we truly trust God or not?  Is He truly in control or not?

In Matthew 6 Jesus tells us many things about worry.  He says not to worry about life, what to eat, what to drink, about our body, about clothes, about tomorrow, and then He tells us that each day has enough trouble of its own.  He also tells us to seek His kingdom and His righteousness and that when we do that He will give us the things we need.

If we are filling our time worrying, we are wasting valuable energy.  If we are filling our time seeking Him and His kingdom and His righteousness we are using valuable energy on what really matters.

The truth is, only God knows the future.  We know that.  We don’t know what’s coming.  We have the moment we are living right now…and that’s it.  We handle everything that comes at us one moment at a time.  As we give those moments to God, He can make the most of them.  He puts His energy into us as we turn our energy and attention to Him.  His valuable energy plus my valuable energy makes a priceless commodity.

“Dear God, Help me remember that I only have this moment to live for You.  Let me live it with Your kingdom in mind.  Help me to make each moment count for you.  Live in and through me, I pray.”

photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art