Skipping Through Life

I’m a fairly visual person and as I was talking to God about some of the things He’s been showing me that need some work in my life I caught a glimpse of this little girl walking with her parent.  The little girl began skipping.

First ahead

Then beside

Then in circles beside, behind, beside, ahead

Beside, behind, beside, ahead-skipping almost in a circular path…staying close to the path then at times on the path then at other times off of the path.

The little girl was smiling and happy because her parent was close at hand.  She remained within reach of her “path partner” but skipping as many little girls do.

I smiled…at first…

Then I realized…

I was the little girl.  I had spent a pretty large quantity of time skipping happily around God.  Always just within reach…not far off the path and much time on the path…but oblivious to the fact that I was not continually on the path. 

He reminded me that I am still His little girl who He made to joyfully skip along but to skip along beside Him.

Never in front

Sometimes behind, usually when the path is narrow.  When I’m behind Him I can step into His foot prints and remain on path.

I am thankful today that my heavenly Father is patient to show me what I need to see when my heart is ready to see it and ready to be changed by Him.  I pray that I do not get caught up in the less important and miss the most important.  Skipping along with God is important.  Skipping in step with Him or behind Him is even more so.



A Few Things God Wants:

We often think about the things we want.  Our wants are as different as we are.  Few are exactly the same.  But with this thought in mind I started thinking today about the things I thought God may want.  This is what came to mind.

-He wants for you to have eternal life-His Son died so it would be so –John 3:16

-He wants for you to know His love-His sacrifice demonstrated it-Romans 8:5, Romans 5:8

-He wants for you to experience security with and in Him so He told us what to do to have it –keep our hearts and eyes focused on Him–Colossians 3:3

-He wants us to understand that He will give us strength and courage, that’s why He said so many times in His word “do not be afraid” or “be strong and courageous”-Joshua 1:6,7,9, Joshua 10:25

-He wants us to understand that we are never alone that’s why over and over He told us that He would always be with us and no one could ever take us away from Him-Hebrews 13:5b, John 10:28

-He wants us to understand who He is and so He gave us not only His written words but also the Holy Spirit so that we would hear His words-Romans 8:16, John 14:16

-He wants us  to rely on Him that’s why He gave us His Holy Spirit and said to trust in Him – John 15:26, John 14:1, Romans 9:33, 10:11

-He wants us to love Him and so He said how…with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength-Mark 12:30

Billy Graham once said basically that God doesn’t keep hidden from us the way to come to know Him.  It’s right in His Word.  We simply need to seek it out.

He gave us His word so that we could come to know Him, walk with HIm, live within His strength.  He gave us His Spirit so that we would always have a Teacher with us to interpret what we’ve read.  And He gave us HImself so that we could live in an intimate relationship with HIm.

When God made Adam and eventually Eve, it was so they could walk in companionship with God.  I don’t believe that has changed.  I believe as we read through God’s word we will see that from the very beginning God wanted us to walk with HIm, to love Him, to live fully and completely as His beloved, His children, His treasures.

That walk with God can be impacted by the choice we make to sin or to walk with HIm.  I believe with all my heart that what God wants is for us to choose to walk with Him.  He’s given me a choice.  What will that choice be today?

“Dear God, Today let me choose in every way to walk with You.  Let me be ever aware of what You want and of all You sacrificed for that want or desire to be reality in my life.  May I follow in Your ways and seek what You desire.”

Emptied to be Filled

Everyone has things that are of great importance personally.  I do.  If I were to start listing things of great importance my list might look different than someone else’s though there may be some similarities.  My relationship to God, husband, son, family, friends, church family, health, time, my dog.  Different things.

Things that are important might include my opinion, my convictions, my beliefs, my standards, my need to be needed, my patterns of life, my structure of the day, my thought processing ways, my schedule, my studying time (which is very important and treasured to me).

Loyalty is important.  Keeping my word is important.  Loving others in Christ is important.  Confidentiality, faithfulness, self-sacrifice, living Christ, balance, keeping priorities straight,  doing my best for God…all of these things are important and the list could go on.

Sometimes circumstances, life, hard times can change that which was once considered quite important.  Sometimes happy surprises can have an effect on what is important.

There are some things that are important that just won’t and shouldn’t change.  Other things maybe have the possibility of changing and “life” still being okay and good.

But, what if I’m not willing to let go of something that I thought was important.  Do I let what I thought was most important that it becomes idolic to me.  What if I become unwilling to bend and be flexible and see things of importance move in relativity.  Now, obviously, I  must not allow the importance of my relationship with God to change, or that of my husband or son.  But, what about other things.

I used to think that teaching a children’s Sunday school class was of utmost importance.  And it was, for a time. And then, something changed and I was no longer teaching those children.  That priority, that importance changed.   I used to think that expressing my opinion was important…maybe I felt the need to be heard. And then, God brought about a change and I was emptied of that extreme push.  I used to think that sleep was most important…because afterall, sleep would keep me healthier.  It really was a matter of time and where the importance of that time use fell.  I’ve always had a pretty strong idea of what was important and why and I could “go the distance” believing that.

But, lately the idea of being emptied has been hovering in my heart and mind.  I think all things begin empty.  A cup has to come out of the cupboard empty before I fill it fully with a refreshing drink.  A vehicle comes off the assembly line with an empty fuel tank before it receives what will assist in in operating and the driver being able to go on an adventure or do errands or whatever.  A hand cannot receive the gift of a friend’s hand if it is full and holding on to something else.  A mind and soul cannot see the guidance offered through God’s word if they are filled with personal agenda of what they want to be taught or think they need to be taught.  A heart cannot fully receive the gift of God, His direction and His love unless it is emptied of self in order to be filled.

If I am filled today with ideas of what I see as most important from the first moment of my day then I am already filled up with what truly is the less important.  If I begin my day asking God to empty me of anything that would get in the way of His plan for my day then I am more ready and able to be filled with His desires and plans for that day.  Jesus emptied Himself that He would accomplish all His Father had design (Philippians 2:7)

“Oh Lord, please don’t let me waste this gift of a day with what I see as important.  Whatever emptying needs to be done…do it…

Empty me that I may be filled to overflowing with You and Your desires.”

The Not-so-good Impulsiveness

Recently, I was speaking with a young friend about obedience issues.  I asked him what was his biggest challenge in being obedient.  He said “Well, my problem is that I do things on impulse.”  The conversation continued for another minute but that sentence stayed with me…”My problem is that I do things on impulse.”

I’ve been thinking about things that I do on impulse.  I impulsively pet my dog when she’s all hyper.  I impulsively give hugs.  I impulsively do probably too many things.  To be impulsive is to do something without giving it thought.  I know that there are times that I react to something my husband says too impulsively.

Being impulsive is not a discipline I wish to keep.  In my natural self, I can react and overreact causing an impulsiveness that is not reflecting of God in any way, shape or form.  I’ve been spending a lot of time lately contemplating time and studying the word “mind” in the Bible.  Many times in His word God tells me to make sure my mind is focused on Him.

If I am aware of Him, of what pleases Him (like Ephesians says), of the things He tells me to think about (as in Philippians), then maybe, just maybe, I will act and react less impulsively.  If my mind is on Him, maybe, just maybe I will see others as He sees them, maybe, just maybe, I will actually fulfill Psalm 19:14 “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock, and my Redeemer.”  If I am truly dwelling in His presence, maybe, just maybe I will recognize my negative impulsiveness before I actually act upon it.

“Lord, make me always aware of Your presence that my heart, mind, soul, and strength truly will love you and follow after You.”