A Mother’s Touch, A Mother’s Legacy

I couldn’t believe this little one they handed me was actually mine to keep!  He was so little and so beautiful.  I slept for many nights with him on my chest with both of us in a recliner for fear someone would come and take him away.

I finally relaxed and let him sleep in his own bed.  It has been a wonderful 25+ years of motherhood.  He is a blessing and a joy to my “momma’s heart”.

My mother is a wonderful woman of God.  She cares about people.  She listens, counsels, is self-less, sacrificial, and kind.  She has always desired to point her children to God.  She has been a good example of living out her faith.

My mother-in-law who is now with the Lord, was funny, kind, dry-witted, caring, and strong in her faith.  She was a loving mom and mother-in-law.  I was blessed with her friendship before anything else.

Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts God created.  There is no other relationship quite like it.

A mother’s touch gives comfort when a little one is ill.

A mother’s touch gives warmth when a child is in need.

A mother’s touch gives strength when a kiddo is struggling.

A mother’s touch gives help when a teenager doesn’t think they need it.

That touch guides, cares, and gives, loves, nurtures, consoles, cheers, reassures, and much more.

She aids, gives solace and security, trains, disciplines, encourages, supports,

And then gently releases.

That’s one of the hardest parts.  We know, when they are born, that children are on loan from God.  We know that they are gifts and He has a calling on their lives.  But, oh how we hold on to them while we have them in our homes.

I know that when God blessed our lives with the son He gave to us, He desired that we raise him to love and serve his heavenly Father.  I pray that through the touches I, as his mom, have given him, that he will always remember and know how much God loves him and desires to walk with him.  I pray that the spiritual legacy of his mother, grandmothers and their mothers before them will live on in and through him.

“Dear Father in heaven, I have not been a perfect mom.  But, I pray that through the things I did correctly by Your design and through my mistakes, You would work in the life of the one you loaned me.  I pray that he will grow into the man of God You created him to be.  May You be glorified through every touch every mom shares with her children today.”